Govt reiterates will not permit outside interference


The government reaffirmed that it will not permit engages, outside the Constitutional framework of Sri Lanka, in addressing the war crime allegations that came by after the three decades of war ended in 2009.

A delegation from Sri Lanka, including the Foreign Minister and the Justice Minister left yesterday (5) to attend the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) 51st session, the government said Foreign Minister Ali Sabry, at a Media briefing yesterday (5), held at the Ministry, noted that Sri Lanka will engage in anything that would do with interest of consensus and is not interested in confrontation. The government has rejected  an external mechanism, external evidence gathering mechanisms, charging of Sri Lankan citizens outside the country and letting hybrid judges come to Sri Lanka. 

He said the only ‘change’ in the resolution between 2016 and now is that they would reject an external mechanism.

“We want a holistic approach for a long-term solution as the conflict did not impact one party but all Sri Lankans,” he added.

The country will continuously engage with the International Community as a responsible dignified partner, he stressed.

 He further stressed that Sri Lanka is bound to work within the constitutional framework whether it be accountability or appointing of judges and supervision on how the cases should be heard. All that would be under the Judicial Service Commission,  a separate arm of the Constitution. “We need to go for a domestic mechanism,” stressed the Minister.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan