Committee to facilitate return of refugees appointed


Secretary to the President Saman Ekanayake has appointed a committee, to facilitate and efficiently carry out the process of repatriating Sri Lankans, who had gone to India as refugees due to the war.

The committee is headed by Chandima Wickramasinghe, Additional Secretary to the President and includes the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration, a senior official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a senior official from the Registrar General’s Department and a senior official from the Ministry of Justice.

This committee has been appointed as per the interim budget proposal for 2022.

They have been tasked to examine whether the work done through the POs and PMUs can be accomplished under the respective Ministry/Department/Institution by itself and whether respective tasks assigned to POs and PMUs have been accomplished.

The committee will also examine whether POs/PMUs should continue due to the nature of their work, whether there is an excess of existing staff and whether any other related matters are incidental or associated.

The report containing the committee’s recommendations is to be submitted before 15 November 2022.