Committee set up to review Govt projects


A committee has been appointed to review the Project Offices (POs) and Project Management Units (PMUs) established to implement or facilitate various Government projects and programmes.

The committee will be chaired by K.T. Kamal Padmasiri while N.K.G.K. Nemmawatte and R.H. Ruvinis have been appointed as members.

This decision was reached during the discussion held yesterday (5) at the President’s Office under the chairmanship of Ekanayake at the request of the Organisation for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation (OFERR), to bring back the Sri Lankans who have gone to India as refugees due to the war.

It was stated that about 58,000 Sri Lankans are currently residing as refugees in Tamil Nadu, India and only 3,800 of them are ready to return to Sri Lanka at present.

The Sri Lanka Deputy High Commissioner’s Office in Chennai is coordinating the efforts in this regard.

C.S. Chandrahasan from the Organization for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation (OFERR), S. Suriyakumari, Secretary of Public Administration, officials from the Ministry of External Affairs, officials of the Ministry of Justice, officials from the Immigration and Emigration Department, and officials from the Registrar General’s Department participated in the meeting.