Bourse enjoys NFIs for 15th day


The bourse enjoyed net foreign inflows (NFIs) for the 15th consecutive market day, to yesterday, after at least more than four-and-a- half years, driven by the confidence factor, emanating from the IMF’s Staff level agreement of a US$ 2.9 billion facility for Sri Lanka on Thursday, by foreign investors. Yesterday’s NFIs were Rs 647.9 million, increasing NFIs in the calendar year to date to Rs 1,723.7 million.

The bourse also gained for the fifth consecutive market day to yesterday after 21 calendar days, with the ASPI increasing by 0.54 per cent to 9,366.39 points over its Friday’s close and the S&P SL 20 Index increasing by 0.70 per cent to 3,030.56 points on a Rs 4.14 billion turnover, with the ASPI hitting over a five-month high.  Prior to yesterday, the highest figure the ASPI made was on 29 March with a value of 9.647.55 points. Prior to yesterday, the highest figure that the S&P SL 20 Index made was 21 days ago on 15 August with a value of 3,097.30 points.

Prior to yesterday, the last time the bourse gained for at least five consecutive market days, was 21 days ago when the bourse made consecutive gains  for 12 consecutive market days from 28 July to 15 August. The bourse also enjoyed daily turnovers of over Rs 4 billion for four consecutive market days to yesterday after 20 calendar days. Prior to yesterday, the last time the bourse made over Rs four billion worth of daily turnovers were for five consecutive market days from 9 August to 16 August. The share volume yesterday was 203.4 million.

By Paneetha Ameresekere