Amaraweera seeks Ali Sabri’s help


Minister of Agriculture, Mahinda Amaraweera called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs to resolve issues that had arisen due to the rejected organic fertiliser shipment from China in a manner that would not affect the relationship between the two countries.

He noted that the goodwill between the two countries was seriously damaged in the incident and that as a solution, the option of importing chemical fertiliser from the same company instead of the contaminated organic fertiliser was suggested but the company only manufactures organic fertiliser.

Thereby, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been called on to set up a suitable process to uphold bilateral ties with the matter to be discussed with the Chinese Ambassador. Previously, China’s Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group instructed Sri Lanka to either accept the shipment of organic fertiliser or pay a sum of USD 1.5 million for the defamation caused to their company.

Further, commenting on a report issued by the Auditor General recommending blacklisting the company, Amaraweera added that if such report has been issued, it should be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Parliament.

By Faadhila Thassim