Govt trying to recreate ‘Rathupaswala’ culture – Sajith


Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa claimed the Government is trying to recreate the murderous culture of “Rathupaswala”.

Speaking at the Constituent Assembly of Samagi Jana Balawegaya Katana yesterday (4), Premadasa said, the Government was using the Prevention of Terrorism Act to repress Aragalayites.

“The youth is suppressed in the most violent and brutal manner.

“We are totally against this suppression of youth, this hunting of youth. I declare at this time that we will stand together with the youth to rescue the people of this country from the hunt of the Rajapaksa puppet government, those who stood up for hunger, suffering, thirst, and people’s rights,” he added.

Premadasa further said the Opposition doesn’t condone violence in any form.

“Whether it is state violence, civil violence, or any other violence, we are against it, wherever there is violence and wherever there is brutality. What is President Ranil Wickremesinghe doing today? He is letting the Rajapaksas embark on their political journey again. They are sending wreaths to the people in this country, licking the feet of the Rajapaksa family,” he said.

Further, he promised Catholics and Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith that a clean and impartial investigation will be conducted in a pure, open, and political interference-free government, so that all citizens can know the root cause of the Easter Attacks.