Fair wheat flour price, need of the hour – Bakery owners


The Southern Province Association of Small and Medium-Scale Bakery Owners said, it was pointless to establish unions to announce that prices of bakery items have increased whenever wheat flour prices increase.

Responding to the All-Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association (ACBOA) statement yesterday (4), the small- and medium-scale bakery owners association chairman, Kamal Perera said the responsibility of an association should be to get a fair price for bakery owners and the consumer by negotiating with stakeholders.

Speaking to the media, ACBOA Chairman N. K. Jayawardana said there is currently a shortage of wheat flour in the country. In July, the price of a 450g loaf of bread was raised by Rs 20 and was Rs 190.

“The wholesale price of wheat flour per kilogramme ranges from Rs 350 to Rs 400, while the retail price ranges from Rs 360 to Rs 380. Bakery owners have been severely hampered by the  wheat flour shortage and soaring prices of products. We urge the government to intervene to bring soaring wheat flour prices under control and the shortage to be looked into,” he added.

He further said due to the shortage, bakery owners were forced to buy flour at black market prices.

Meanwhile, a discussion in this regard was held on 2 September, between two main flour producing companies in Sri Lanka and Trade and Food Security Minister, Nalin Fernando.

Sources revealed that the two companies had agreed to release wheat flour stocks in their possession to the market.

BY Nabiya Vaffoor