76th UNP AGM under ‘Let’s build, together’ theme


UNP General Secretary Palitha Range Bandara yesterday (4) said, the 76th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the UNP is scheduled for tomorrow (6) at the Sugathadasa Stadium chaired by President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The General Secretary said the AGM will be held under the theme ‘Let’s build together’ to bring the people and their representatives in Parliament and local government under one umbrella to resolve the economic crisis the country is confronting today while restoring the life of crisis impacted people to normalcy.

UNP General Secretary Bandara made these remarks while addressing the media at ‘Sirikotha’, House UNP Head Quarters with regard to the arrangements made to hold the 76th AGM.

“Sri Lanka had been under the dominations of foreign imperialists, including the Portugese, Dutch and British colonialists for more than 400 years. As the people of this country united then under the leadership of D. S. Senanayake, Sri Lanka got Independence on February 4, 1948 in just in two years. Once again the same situation has arisen in the country and there is a need to liberate the country from the prevailing economic crisis. The UNP has been vested this responsibility today”, Bandara said.

He also said “Today the country has been left with a mounting loan burden. The annual economic growth rate has dropped to 7 per cent. The country has been brought to a begging level. President Wickremesinghe has invited everyone to unite to rebuild the country in a similar way as the late leader Senanayake did at that time”.

The representatives of people, civil society organisations, political parties not represented in Parliament, trade unions and social service activists are invited to take part in the AGM and work in collaboration to achieve the development goals resolving every issue prevailing today, Bandara added.

While addressing the media UNP Chairman MP Vajira Abeywardena said that President Wickremesinghe was of the view that support from at least 175 members in Parliament was vital to resolve the prevailing economic crisis to bring the country to normalcy.The 76th AGM is held under ‘Let’s build together’ theme  keeping this in mind.

“We hope representatives of every political party and civil society would take part in the AGM to be held at Sugathadasa stadium. If we work in unison the economy of this country can be rebuilt,”Abeywardena added.

While addressing the media, the president of the Eksath Lak Wanitha Peramuna (ELWP) Shanthini Kongahage said President WIckremesinghe was a courageous and skillful leader next to D. S. Senanayake and further claimed that he has the capability to resolve the burning economic crisis of this country.

“At a time when the UNP is celebrating its 76th anniversary, we are proud to say that if there is a leader who has won the goodwill from the rest of the world, the credit of it must go to President Wickremesinghe.

The support and contribution of women is vital to strengthen the economy of this country. Such a move had been taken during President J. R. Jayewardene’s regime. Once again such a need has arisen in the country today. Jayewardene was a great leader who provided employment to young women of this country setting up free trade zones and industrial parks across the country. President Wickremasinghe as a young energetic Minister joined hands with late President R. Premadasa to take development which had been limited only to the cities, across the country. The widows in villages and unemployed women in villages benefitted from it making a great contribution to the national economy. We invite every Sri Lankan without and differentiation to build the country”, Kongagage added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen