Your kindness is your success


Summer is a girl who is very talented in sports. She continuously won the sports championship of her school sports meet for three years. When she was 10, she had to stop her journey towards sports because of her father’s passing away. Then Summer and her family were highly affected with poverty.

One day when she was reading a book in her school playground she noticed that the children in the ground who was doing their practices for the all island sports tournament 2022 which is going to be held after two months, was following wrong exercises as they did not have a couch. Then she took the permission from the school’s principle and started couching the students. Every evening she practiced the students, and also did her studies at the school time.

That year her school won the championship of the all island sports tournament 2022. The school being pleased of her kindness toward the school, being the couch for those students without taking an salary, although Summer and her family was suffering from poverty, sponsored her to continue her sports activities and also gave patronage to her family.

Summer learned well and became an Engineer and also she was qualified as a world’s popular sportswomen. And also she won gold medals in the Olympic Games too.

“Be kind to everyone, no matter how you are suffering. If they win the race you will win your life.”    

By Minara Weerasinghe