You should be yourself


She was a hot-tempered girl who had dark hair and eyes as black as obsidian. Her name was Reyna. Because of her outraging anger, she didn’t have any friends in her class. Sometimes she doesn’t go to school. Since no one likes her. Reyna had an elder brother named Rylan, who was a firefighter. He was entirely different compared from his sister. He rescued people, was supportive and kind. He worked tirelessly to achieve his goals. Everyone liked him for his personality but not Reyna’s. Unfortunately, her brother died because he saved a person who was drowning in the ocean.

A great number of people, relatives and friends came to his funeral. After that, all her relatives questioned Reyna on why couldn’t she be like her brother. This troubled her so much, that it has become a threat to her. Since her childhood, her relatives urged her to be like her brother. Rylan’s best friend Lucas was a firefighter as well. He knew about Reyna that she was a hot-tempered girl. However, he secretly liked her. She was delighted since he was the only person who knows everything about her. Lucas told her, “You Should Be Yourself.” Those words changed Reyna’s life. She began going to school and made new friends. Lucas promised her that he will always be there for her.

By Dulkini Thehansa Mapa