Special Kapruka ‘Power play’ lottery draw on 29 September


The special draw of the Kapruka lottery, which makes your dreams a reality, bringing luck to your life, with the largest jackpot in the lottery market, is scheduled for 29 September.

The lottery for this special draw, which was introduced as ‘Power Play’, was issued to the market on 01.09.2022 with the participation of the management of the DLB.

The ticket issued for this special draw bears two rows of special numbers with 05 digits and the opportunity is open for the customers to win a cash prize of Rs 100,000 matching the first special number and a large number of cash prizes of Rs 10,000 matching the second number.

Further the normal prize schedule is also applied without any change. DLB cordially invites you to try your luck and make life a happy journey fulfilling your dreams.