Prices revised for a number of drugs, med gear


The Health Ministry introduced price revisions to 43 types of pharmaceuticals inclusive of medicinal drugs and medical equipment, through a special Gazette.

Maximum retail prices were introduced by Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella under the National Medicines Regulatory Act No. 05 of 2015.

The Gazette signed on 31 August 2022 was enacted from Thursday (01). The list comprised lenses with delivery system (pre-filled medication cartridge such as Acrisoft prefilled delivery system (Rs 38,287), Envista, Hoya eye port 251 (Rs 27,264), Bani HP (Rs 19,586.97, Sensor one piece (Rs 28,829.18), Akrida UD (Blue filter – Rs 14,764.05) and bi-flex HB (877FABY standard IOL- Rs 20,079.11).     

Maximum retail prices (MRP) were introduced to bare metal stents used for coronary artery intervention (Rs. 54,036.42) and Drug Eluting stents (236,224.30) which are coated with a slow-release medication to help prevent blood clots from forming. In addition MRP was slapped on Blood Glucose Meters (Rs 6,200.90 per unit) and their test strips (Rs 112.21).     

By Dilanthi Jayamanne