Over 2,000 doctors have left country


About 2,000 doctors have left Sri Lanka so far this year due to the current economic crisis, Ceylon Today reliably learns.

A senior Medical Administrator said doctors usually get the ‘Good Standing Certificate’ for their higher education or work abroad.

A Right to Information (RTI) request revealed that 2,206 medical doctors got the ‘Good Standing Certificate’ from Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) up to August 2022.

According to SLMC Registrar Dr. Ananda Hapugoda, 433 medical doctors obtained the ‘Good Standing Certificate’ in June this year.

“Also, 1,218 doctors obtained this certificate in 2019 while 1,081 took it in 2020. In 2021, some 1,350 medical doctors got this certificate,” the SLMC said.

Meanwhile, 533 new doctors registered with the SLMC in 2019 while 1,659 registered in 2020. Also, 1,623 doctors registered in 2021. But, only 328 doctors registered up to August this year.

According to SLMC, from 2019 to until August 4,143 doctors registered with SLMC while 5,855 doctors got the ‘Good Standing Certificates’ to go abroad.

The SLMC, responding to the RTI request said that those who are registered with the SLMC can apply for the ‘Certificate of Good Standing’ for their private use. Also, SLMC is not privy to the reasons for usage.

“This certificate is meant to certify that the registrants have no pending disciplinary inquiries against them” the SLMC register added.  

By Rifthi Ali