Conspiracy underway to oust CBSL Governor – Sajith


Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa alleged on Friday (2), there is a conspiracy afoot to remove CBSL Governor Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe.

Speaking in Parliament, the Opposition Leader stressed that when the CBSL Governor was invited to Parliament on Wednesday (31 August) to conduct a workshop for the MPs on ‘The Current Economic Status and the way forward’, several MPs threw questions that sounded like allegations at Dr. Weerasinghe.

“Not only that, certain statements of theirs conveyed the feeling that they put the blame on Dr. Weerasinghe for the current plight of the country at the moment. This is not right. Dr. Weerasinghe returned to the country and took the post to put the country on the right track. Now, if someone tries to make the CBSL Governor resign and appoint their henchman to the post, it is nothing but a conspiracy,” Premadasa alleged.

Former Finance Minister Ali Sabry who backed Premadasa’s statement said it is unreasonable to accuse
Dr. Weerasinghe of the decision to declare a default on foreign loans as it was taken following discussions with the President and all other relevant authorities.

“If there is any problem with that decision I am ready to take the full responsibility of it as I was the Finance Minister at that time. There is some kind of conspiracy to remove him from the post and we never agree with that. Accusing honest officials in this manner should be stopped,” Ali Sabry said.

BY Methmalie Dissanayake