Bandana or Headscarf Styles


Bandanas or headscarves are back in trend. Trendy or not, to be frank, they are beautiful and fashionable. I personally love headscarves and they make me feel comfortable and help me to keep my hair tidy and away from dust. Also, it adds a very fashionable, bohemian, and arty look to my personality. This is why today, I am going to share with you a few secrets about Bandana styles.

Many women love to flaunt their hair. But sometimes we have bad hair days and a headscarf is the best solution for this. Also, it helps to keep away dust and dirt from damaging your hair. Headscarves are also helpful to keep away your head from the harshness of the sun and wind. And if you are wearing a cap or a hat, wearing a headscarf will keep your hair protected from touching the cap or hat.

Celebrities or fashion icons who loved headscarves

Among the many fashion icons who nailed the headscarf look celebrated actor and beauty icons Audry Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor top the classy and arty headscarf look. While Audry mastered the look with western attires, Taylor mastered it with Bohemian looks too.

Alexa Chung flaunts fabulous headscarf looks and Aaliyah is another one who nails the look.

Grace Kelly, an epitome of feminine beauty is another fashion icon who mastered the headscarf look. Another fashion icon who was lot spotted wearing a headscarf or bandana was Jackie Onassis.

Headscarves are suitable for outdoor events, a picnic, sports events, travelling, and a casual daytime garden party.

Cotton bandanas and headscarves are comfortable while silk headscarves are elegant.

Here are the top seven headscarves and bandana looks for you to try out this year.

Grace Kelly style

Grace Kelly used to wrap the scarf around her head and tie it below her chin. She also used to take the two edges to the behind of her head and tie it at the back of her head. Her iconic headscarves were mostly printed silk ones.

Jackie O style

Jackie Onassis was often seen wearing plain coloured headscarves covering her head. The knot was often behind her head. Her iconic fashion was to wear a pair of extra large sunglasses over the scarf and the look was classy, fashionable, and perfect.

Elegant in silk

The printed silk headscarf is if you want to have an elegant, graceful look. A matching glittering large pair of sunglasses, with an elegant outfit, will complete the look.

Comfy cotton

Plain or printed cotton bandanas are highly chick and arty. White printed designs in bold coloured cotton bananas or hand-painted cotton bandanas/headscarves are easy to find in the market or even to DIY.

Bandana and loop earrings

Pairing up a cotton bandana with loop earrings and loose hair will give you an ultimate chick look. It will absolutely give you a comfy and arty look.

Floral spring

Floral bandanas/headscarves are my personal favourites. They are feminine, give happy vibes, and are capable of uplifting the mood.

Bohemian arty

The printed cotton bandana tied around the forehead, and or the head, with loose hair, gypsy earrings, and cotton attire with lots of jewellery, is how to get a bohemian artsy look.

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy