A Voice that inspires


Duava, a rising star in the Canadian music scene with Sri Lankan heritage, quickly rose in notoriety within Sri Lanka with some of his hit songs such as Anduru Yaame. Now, Duava has returned with Bahu, his first album featuring an exquisite selection of his musical work for all to enjoy.

Of course, selecting which tracks of the hundred or more he has created would make it into the album was a difficult task for the artist. Duava explained it to be, “One of the hardest processes, chopping it down, getting the sound right, making it feel cohesive.

“It kind of turned into a project in which I was listening to it on repeat and I thought to myself, ‘whoa, this is something special.’ When I had these songs mixed and mastered, getting them to sound the best that they could be, I felt that this could really make an impact in the hearts of a lot of people.

“I felt like it could really bring a lot of people together, especially people who are fans of music as well as people who look like me and people who want to be inspired by ‘brown’ talent, because there’s not a lot of artists who are from the east, who came to the west and are bridging both sides of this fact together. I’m hoping that this could be an album that could really put that on the map.”

‘Good’ is honest

Going through your previous work is a revelatory experience, often allowing artists to understand how they have matured as a creator as well as understanding the evolution of their unique sound and style of music.

For Duava, exploring the 100 – 200 songs he had made during the previous couple of years has been, “Half enjoyable and half painful,” he shared. “While going through the music, I would find music that didn’t feel like me. It felt like it was something I was trying to be,” he explained.

“A lot of the songs felt as if I was trying to put on a show, make it good when I should’ve been trying to make it honest,” he continued. “With anything creative, you always try to make it good but it doesn’t end up being good, because good is honest.”

A ride to remember

Explaining the reasoning behind the order of the music featured in the album, Duava shared that, “I know that there are a lot of artists who want to make the album have a cohesive theme, but this album I wouldn’t say it’s like that. I wanted this album to showcase the versatility of my sound.”

Organising the album according to the different energy levels of each song, Duava explained his album to be similar to a, “Roller coaster ride, with all these stories which are a mix and match.

“This album is a compilation of how I’ve been feeling for the last two years. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, sometimes you’ve plateaued and you don’t know how to feel, and I made different songs based on what I felt like I was going through. I guess you could say the theme is living life. It’s just my life.”  

Giving thanks

While a lot of the production behind the songs featured in Bahu is of Duava’s own work, he did collaborate with a few others in some tracks, for which he extremely grateful. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all that were involved in the process, including Tekika.

“He’s an amazing sound engineer who works with us at The Cave, but he’s also a very talented producer,” Duava shared. “We worked on the song Received, which has a beat made by myself initially and a guy called AOG, a European producer. The three of us worked a lot together to make that song. We also made a song called Supposed to Feel, the last track of the album, and Tekika helped me produce that as well.

“I just wanted to say he was a big part of making this album. He’s an incredible producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and he’s amazing at it. We’re super proud of him. Those are two songs in the album that are really dear to my heart and I’m super glad he was part of them.”

The reaction

Bahu has been well-received by listeners, for which Duava shared his gratitude. He also received a warm reaction by friends and family, including LJ who has been a part of Duava and his musical journey for a long time, helping him shape his musical career.

“When we finished listening to the full album for the first time, it was a very emotional thing for the both of us,” Duava shared. “We actually finished the first Duava album. This is something that could potentially take us to the next level, which I believe could change the world more than it could change my life.”

The future

Bahu certainly is a major step forward in Duava’s musical career, and he aims to continue pushing forward, creating more music and inspiring others to come forward and take their talent to the next stage. In the short term, this includes creating music videos to the tracks released in Bahu, but that’s only one part of what Duava hopes to accomplish in the future.

“I’m going to be releasing a deluxe version of this album as well, which we are still working on. It’s going to be an extension of this art, and keep painting this picture. I’m going to continue releasing more music, going to do more shows, and I’m hoping to come to Sri Lanka as well, when the timing is right. I want to do a lot of things that I haven’t been able to do as an artist yet.”

Ceylon Today extends heartfelt congratulations to Duava on releasing his first album, Bahu, which is an amazing piece of art featuring a beautiful collection of music that we encourage everyone to experience for themselves. Proud of a Sri Lankan artist that hopes to inspire through his music, we are excited to see what comes next for Duava and his musical journey.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage