CMLSSL says Health Ministry trying to alter retirement age


The College of Medical Laboratory Science Sri Lanka (CMLSSL) protested against the Ministry of Health’s alleged attempt to impose different retirement ages for professions under its purview, despite the decision to reduce retirement ages of State and Semi-State sector employees to 60 years.

In a letter to President Ranil Wickremesinghe, CMLSSL President, Ravi Kumudesh yesterday (1), alleged that the main reason for the inefficiency in the health service was the change in policy decisions taken in accordance to political and administrative powers. There are many cases where medical administrators have misled the government by acting in a partial and biased manner, it said.

In the letter copied to Ministers Health and Public Administration, Secretaries Health, Finance Ministry and the Director General Health Services, Kumudesh alleged that the situation had affected patient centred responsibility.

“It has already been observed that various parties are trying to change the retirement age set by the interim budget for state employees,” he alleged noting that the Ministry alone was able to present the required justifications to do so. However, the CMLSSL stressed that the retirement age decided by the interim budget should apply to the health service as well – failing which there would be severe disparities between the professions, the CMLSSL President lamented.

“Although there maybe parties opposing the decision to reduce the retirement age, let us point out that the Government should not turn the policy into a joke like during the former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s tenure,” he said warning  that if it did the situation would  be serious enough to trigger trade union action.

Health Ministry sources revealed that implementation of the interim budgetary proposal would affect at least 80 per cent of the Health Ministry’s top administration as well as senior hospital consultants.  

By Dilanthi Jayamanne