No Fuel: Hatton’s school transport at standstill


Hatton SLTB Depot has not issued diesel to school transport vehicles.

Because the Hatton SLTB depot does not issue diesel, busses and vans transport schoolchildren with the amount of fuel issued once a week according to the national fuel pass, and that quota is only sufficient for two days a week.

School bus drivers stated that their vehicles are leased and that the payments are made with the money they earn from transporting students.

When asked about the non-distribution of diesel fuel, Hatton SLTB depot the manager stated that even SLTB buses which have to run daily do not have enough diesel fuel at the Kotagala Mineral Oil Corporation depot. According to the manager, diesel fuel will not be released from the complex, and as a result, diesel fuel will not be released from his depot to any private vehicle.

By Neeta Pathma Kumari – Norwood