Marking the beginning of the literary month


The most prestigious Vidyodaya Literary Awards Ceremony is being held in this year as well, as the first event of the Literary Month, in Sri Lanka. It is scheduled to be held today (01) at 3.00 p.m., at the Sri Sumangala Auditorium of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, with the participation of the renowned scholar, Senior Professor Ananda Thissa Kumara of the Department of Sinhala at the University of Colombo as the chief guest. The acting Vice Chancellor, Senior Professor Pathmalal Manage will also be present to grace the occasion.

The Vidyodaya Literary Awards

Vidyodaya Literary Awards has been a landmark event in the history of Sri Lankan literary festivals by being the first and exclusive awards ceremony organised by a local University to honour the best literary works of the year. This year’s awards will be granted to the best from each of the six categories—novels, short stories, poetry, lyrics, columns, and academic publications—that were published in the year 2021. The organising committee has introduced a new award category this year, the academic category, which is intended to acknowledge the year’s finest academic publications in humanities and social sciences disciplines.

Starting from 2000

The Vidyodaya Literary Awards were originally founded by the Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in 2000. It is the Emeritus Professor Sunil Ariyarathna who took initiation to organise this event at first place. He also represented the members of the first judge panel together with late Professor Thissa Kariyawasam. The Awards ceremony was fundamentally aimed at recognising and appreciating the national level novelists, short story writers, lyricists and poets. Hence, the best novel, short story, song and poetry collections published in the year 1999 in Sri Lanka were awarded at the first Vidyodaya Literary Awards held in 2000. Later, column articles too were considered and evaluated for the awards in parallel to the anniversary celebration of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The Vidyodaya Literary Awards has been rendering a great service to the field of literature in Sri Lanka ever since, by admiring the various personas who dedicate their lives for the betterment of literature.

The Vidyodaya Literary Awards 2022

The Vidyodaya Literary Awards, which had been continuously organised by the Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication, is organised by the Publication Committee of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences this year, 2022, under the guidance of the Dean of the faculty, Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda, and the president of the publication committee Rev. Prof. Panahaduwe Yassassi.

In addition to the literary publications mentioned above, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences plans to further expand the Vidyodaya Literary Awards Presentation and consider academic books too in humanities and social sciences fields for evaluation and presentation of awards with effect from 2022.

By Induwara Athapattu