CPC distribution delay to blame


The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s (CPC) delay in fuel distribution last Thursday and Friday is mostly to blame for the re-emergence of fuel queues at filling stations, Ceylon Today learns.

According to a ministry spokesman, the re-emergence of fuel queues is due to three factors, one of which is the CPC’s delay that occurred last Thursday and Friday. He said the other two reasons are that Sunday is the last day to get the weekly fuel quota and Monday is the first day of the week to get the new quota.

“The fuel queues observed over the past few days can be predicted as a result,” the official said. He did, however, reassure that there is enough fuel in the CPC’s inventory until the next fuel shipments arrive in the country.

The final explanation he gave, was that people had once more started panic buying fearing re-emergence of queues. He said they will release 4,000 MT of diesel and 3,000 MT of petrol daily for filling stations.

“Other than the above factors, I can guarantee you that there is no fuel shortage, and the queues will disappear within a few days as well,” he said.

After an initial lessening of queues following the adoption of the National Fuel Pass from 1 August, Sri Lanka is once again experiencing long queues outside fuel stations. 

By Thameenah Razeek