The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has issued a Gazette Notification on Tuesday (30 August), imposing conditions on the import, production, marketing, storing, and the sale of 48 goods including rice, sugar, wheat flour, dhal, eggs, milk powder, LP gas and cement.

The conditions are to be followed by manufacturers and traders.

According to the Gazette, goods demanded by a consumer or any person should be supplied within a reasonable period and without delay.

“A receipt or a bill in printed or electronic form should be issued to a consumer or any person containing details of the receipt or bill number, whether the transaction is retail or wholesale, date of sale, quantity of goods sold, class of goods sold, value of a unit of the goods sold, total value of the goods sold, batch number, if any, and name and address of a consumer or any person. A duplicate of such receipt must be kept,” the Gazette notification said.