Amrith wins Club Championship


Playing top-class golf, Amrith de Soysa beat evergreen Sachin de Silva to clinch the RCGC Cup Championship at their Club course last weekend. This was his 5th title overall in the championship. He was the youngest ever winner at the age of 14 in the 101-year-old history of the prestigious club.

Amrith was 4 up on the turn (first 18 holes) and then led 8 up on the 10th on the second round. But burly Sachin stormed back with three in a row to make it 5 up on the 13th, but Amrith won on the 14th so it was 6 up by playing some exhibition golf in front of a packed Club house.

In the Ladies Club Championship, it was the 14-year-old golfing sensation Kaya Daluwatte all the way, when she defended her title beating Anashya Weerakkody. Anashya, playing her first final, showed lot of promise, but Kaya with her experience pulled it off in style.

Club Championship (Men’s)

Winner: Amrith de Soysa

Runner-up: Sachin de Silva


Winner: Kaya Daluwatte

Runner-up: Anashya Weerakkody

Ladies Bronze Cup

Winner: Fran de Mel

Runner-up: Jade Jiggens

Silver Division

Winner: Jacob Norton

Runner-up: Kamlesh Johnpillai

Bronze Division

Winner: Thilak Wanasinghe

Runner-up: Mario Fernando

Master’s Division

Winner: Lanka Santha

Runner-up: Lal Rupasinghe

Senior Division

Winner: Harendra de Silva

Runner-up: A. Thavaraj

By Special Correspondent