Long queues reappearing at fuel stations


Long lines for fuel were seen near Urubokka petrol stations for the past two days.

On the night of 29 August a CPC-run fuelling station at Urubokka Heegoda, Bengamua received petrol; and by noon on 30 August, the motorcycle queue was half a kilometre longer and the three-wheeler queue was 300 metres long.

Locals claim that the situation had arisen because the CPC and LIOC fuelling stations in Urubokka and Bengamuwa had not received fuel in two days.

There were no traffic jams near petrol stations after the Government implemented the QR pass system. But the long lines had returned after the fuel-pass system was introduced.

Meanwhile, diesel queues were seen near the Urubokka LIOC filling station, and petrol queues were seen near the CPC filling stations in Heegoda and Bengamuwa by the afternoon of 30 August.

BY Athawuda Pathirana- Urubokka