Interim Budget focused on resolving current crises


UNP MP Wajira Abeywardena claimed yesterday (30) that the Interim Budget 2022 was presented in Parliament to return the country to normalcy by resolving all issues and restoring the lives of those affected by the crisis.

He also claimed that President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s economic philosophy is not aimed at a specific group, but rather on uplifting the entire nation.

Abeywardena made these claims while speaking to the media in Colombo about the country’s current economic crises and the recommendations President Wickremesinghe has made to resolve them.

He said that the country has been dragged down the precipice due to the previous government’s poor economic policies, severely affecting the people of this country. “Dissatisfied with those policies, the public began to protest the Government”.

Abeywardena went on to say that the Consumer Affairs Authority is unable to bring commodity prices, including essential commodities, down at this critical juncture. If commodity prices are to return to normal levels, the economy must be rebalanced.

The skyrocketing exchange rate of USD must be brought down gradually in order to rebalance the economy. It means local currency value against the US dollar must be increased gradually. At least USD 6 billion will be required to bring the country back to normal. Discussions are currently underway with relevant people as well as entities. We have chosen Japan to restructure our loan. Japan is closely monitoring our debtors and those who give us aid while creating necessary background in the manner of promoting the goodwill against Sri Lanka. The visit of President Wickremesinghe too will be based on this matter. Then we will be able to rebuild the economy of this as was before 2019, MP Abeywardena added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen