Raja Jewellers felicitates Nethmi Ahinsa


Raja Jewellers, recognised as the undisputed Monarch of the Gold World, recently felicitated Nethmi Ahinsa, the Sri Lankan wrestler who won a Bronze medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Nethmi’s massive win, which marked the nation’s first-ever medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games, is indeed a proud moment to be celebrated.

 Raja Jewellers recently launched a rewards programme under the theme ‘You are a Diamond’, and awarded Nethmi Ahinsa a Diamond pendant and earring set worth Rs 750,000. They did not forget the immense efforts of her valued coach Suranga Kumara, who contributed to Nethmi’s success, and presented him with a cash reward.

The ‘You are a Diamond’ campaign was launched during International Women’s Day 2022 along with the unveiling of an exquisite Diamond product launch of finely-crafted jewellery, which allowed customers to beautify themselves with bold sophistication. Raja Jewellers extended this tagline to find true diamonds in Sri Lanka who require the support to elevate their talent. It was during this process that the company discovered the young and talented Nethmi as a true diamond.       

 Commenting on this momentous occasion, Managing Director of Raja Jewellers, Athula Eliyapura, said: “As a true Sri Lankan brand, we have always stood with the Sri Lankan community to support their future. Nethmi and Suranga’s success at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games is indeed an inspiration to the entire nation. We firmly believe that there are plenty of talented Sri Lankans who lack the required facilities and support to uplift their journeys. We look forward to support fellow Sri Lankans to achieve their aspirations and shine bright like a diamond.”