Private bus operations to be reduced by 80% today


All Ceylon Private Bus Owners Association chairman Anjana Priyanjith said due to the failure to provide the necessary fuel to the Sri Lanka Transport Board and private buses, the number of private bus trips will be reduced by 80 per cent today (29).

He said, while fuel was provided last month under a proper system, private buses have been restricted due to a lack of fuel for the past four days and a solution to this problem should be provided.

He also noted that students, teachers, and office workers are in a lot of trouble as a result of the disruption of bus services on a day of school and office activities and that the Government should be held accountable.

According to the bus owners, the new ‘School Service’ bus service launched by the Ministry of Transport will have to cease operations as of today due to a lack of fuel.

They said in the first phase of this bus service, 130 buses on 47 routes in the Western Province began service, but on 23 July, the Sri Lanka Transport Board depot did not provide full fuel, and thus the ‘school service’ was withdrawn from operation.

According to a senior official of the Road Passenger Transport Authority – Western Province, the bus owners have informed the regional offices about this issue and as a result, after discussing it with the SLTB depot, they will be given priority and the necessary facilities to obtain fuel.

BY Mithun Jayawardena