President will present people-oriented budget – Wajira


President Ranil Wickremesinghe will present a people-oriented budget with tax amendments in Parliament, to provide more relief and concessions to the country’s crisis-affected citizens, UNP MP Wajira Abeywardena said.

Abeywardena said that nearly 4.5 million children are at risk of malnutrition and immediate action must be taken in this regard, failing which the country will face a severe disaster very soon.

“We are excited to provide nutritious food packages to children in order to alleviate their hunger. We have been planning to implement this programme in order to correct the mistakes made by the previous administration. Then one can dream of becoming President, Prime Minister, or a powerful Minister,” Abeywardena explained.

He said that President Wickremesinghe is committed to restoring normalcy to the lives of crisis-affected people by providing them with the necessary livelihood access for survival.

Abeywardena met the UNP people’s representatives and the party activists in the Galle District in a private hotel in the Galle on 27 August to discuss the 76th annual general meeting to be held very soon.

It had been stated on April 12 that Sri Lanka had become bankrupt. There is a necessity to appoint a committee to inquire into this matter. It is contrary to the Constitution. No one can make the country bankrupt as they want. No one has the authority to do so, MP Abeywardena noted.

 Those who were dreaming to become the President or Prime Minister of this country must first revealto  the nation plans they have to rebuild the bankrupt economy of this country, Abeywardena added.

BY Naalir Jamaldeen