Notorious burglar arrested in Jaffna


A 27-year-old suspect involved in various burglaries in the recent past in Chunnakam and surrounding areas in Jaffna was arrested on 27 August evening by Police from Kuppilan North area, Chunnakam Police said yesterday (28).

The arrest was made by Jaffna District Police Anti-Crime Division officials from the aforesaid area following a tip-off, according to Chunnakam Police.

Chunnakam Police said many complaints had been lodged with them by residents in Kuppilan, Punnalai, and Kadduvan areas stating that their water pumps, bicycles, and cylinders of gas had been stolen.

Seven bicycles, four water pumps, two cylinders of gas, and 800 milligrams of heroin were seized by Police.

Chunnakam Police are conducting further investigations.

By Naalir Jamaldeen