N’ Eliya bakers, customers in dire straits


Bakery owners and customers in Nuwara Eliya District who consume wheat flour have been in dire straits as a result of the domestic market’s severe shortage of wheat flour.

Bakery owners and wheat flour sales agents claim that the shortage of wheat flour is the result of two major wheat flour companies failing to meet the demand of wheat flour sales agents islandwide.

The plantation community in Nuwara Eliya consumes wheat flour-based food twice a day, and due to a shortage of wheat flour, those people are also in dire straits.

The tea plantation companies purchase the wheat flour required for the plantations on a monthly basis from the wheat flour sales agent and then charge the plantation workers for the wheat flour.

Nuwara Eliya District bakery owners claim that wheat flour sales agents only issue a very small quantity of wheat flour required for their bakeries on a daily basis, which is insufficient for daily bakery products.

Restaurant owners also claim that due to the present flour shortage, many of the food items produced with wheat flour in their restaurants are not produced, hampering their business activities.

Concerning the market shortage of wheat flour, a senior officer of a wheat flour company in Sri Lanka said they have taken the necessary steps to release approximately 25 per cent of the wheat flour presently in his reserve to bakery owners only. Due to the country’s dollar crisis, there is a severe shortage of wheat flour in the market as the company is unable to import wheat flour.

By Neeta Pathma Kumari – Norwood