Matale farmers distraught


Farmers in Matale lamented crop harvesting is jeopardised, as they do not have enough diesel for harvesting machines.

They said they are having great difficulty due to high prices and a lack of diesel to power the harvesting machines. This year, paddy has been cultivated in many fields throughout the Matale District.

Farmers said if they are unable to harvest their crops at the right time, the consequences will be severe. According to fuel station owners, this is due to fuel stations in Matale District not receiving diesel on time.

Farmers’ organisations, who said such a situation would not occur if fuel was provided under proper management, emphasised that the Government should work to provide sufficient fuel quantities, especially during the harvest season.

They also pointed out that it is the Government’s responsibility to prepare the necessary supplies for farmers, who provide staple food to the country, otherwise they will have to weep while looking at their destroyed crops.

By I.A. Kumara – Naula