Estate community hit hard – Thondaman


Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC) Leader Senthil Thondaman said following the kerosene price hike, the estate community has also been severely affected, along with the low-income families and fishermen of this country.

Thondaman expressed his dissatisfaction over such a move taken by the Power and Energy Ministry at a time when underprivileged persons and those at grassroots level were struggling to survive.

“One litre of kerosene which was sold at Rs 87 had gone up to Rs 253 and again it has been increased to Rs 340, which is unbearable for ordinary citizens. With the skyrocketing price of kerosene, everyone depending on it has been severely affected,” Thondaman said.

He further said people were facing immense difficulties in getting kerosene. “The Ministry of Power and Energy must reconsider the kerosene price hike in a bid to provide concessions to people impacted by the prevailing economic crisis.”

Thondaman added that the estate community uses kerosene for cooking and other purposes daily. “Those at grassroots level and low-income families use kerosene for cooking at present, with the economic crisis raging in the country.”

By Naalir Jamaldeen