Atmospheric conditions to enhance over next few days


The Department of Meteorology says that atmospheric conditions are getting favorable for evening thundershowers in Uva, Eastern, North-central and Northern provinces during next few days.

Several spells of showers will occur today (29) in the Western, Sabaragamuwa and North-western provinces and in Kandy, Nuwara-Eliya, Galle and Matara districts. Several places elsewhere will also experience rains during the evening or night.

Fairly heavy falls above 75mm may occur at some places in Uva, Eastern, North-central and Northern provinces.

Meanwhile, due to its apparent southward relative motion, the Sun is going to be directly over the latitudes of Sri Lanka from 28 August to 07 September.

The Sun will be overhead Manniyakulam, Ariviyal Nagar and Valaiyanmadam today at about 12.11 noon.