People’s Network now on Freesat


MTV Channel (Pvt) Ltd, comprising of Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV, TV-1, and News 1st, entered into the newest digital satellite television platform Freesat in Colombo on Tuesday (23).

 Freesat, a digital satellite media platform, broadcasting on the latest DVB-S2X technology, has the unique proposition of offering its channels free to users.

 The agreements were officially exchanged between Susara Dinal, the CEO of MTV Channel (Pvt) Ltd. and Kaminda Samarakoon, the CEO of Freesat.

 “We wanted to have a service where we are able to provide all Sri Lankans to have a proper quality picture. Our technology is DVB-S2X. This is the world’s second platform, and we are proud to have it in Sri Lanka,” said Kaminda Samarakoon, the CEO of Freesat.

 “Every single household in Sri Lanka can access SD or HD or 4K pictures in greater quality using this platform. We use the widely accepted DVB-S2X technology. Our compression technology is H265 or HEVC. It has not been used by anyone in Sri Lanka at the moment,” said Pranalanka Warunawansa, the Chief Technical Officer of Freesat

 The partnership between MTV Channel Pvt Ltd, and Freesat will see your favourite three local TV channels, Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV and TV-1 absolutely free with crystal clear reception on Freesat.