Jayagoda claims Govt providing relief to close associates


Education Secretary of Frontline Socialist Party (FSP), Pubudu Jayagoda, alleged that while the citizens of Sri Lanka are suffering from several crises, the Government is providing relief to their close associates.

Jayagoda claimed that Perpetual Treasury Director Arjun Aloysius has not paid over two billion rupees in taxes and the liquor licence to his business, Mendis Company was cancelled. However, now the authorities are going to grant him the licence once again, he claimed.

“It is questionable how the authorities are granting the liquor licence once again when a company has not paid their taxes of billions of rupees,” Jayagoda said.

He said that investigations should be conducted to discover whether the President is using his powers to help his associates.

Speaking to media on Friday (26) Jayagoda said that the ban on imported items is absurd because it will be the reason of the collapsing of almost every industry in the country.

He said with the ban on imported items, the construction sector and print industry could be collapsed completely. He also said that items that can be used for safety precautions also have been banned and that would affect the people’s lives immensely.

He stressed that President is forever holding discussions about an All-Party Government, however, no solutions have been brought to solve the people’s crises.

He claimed that money printing and obtaining loans continuously will only push the country down a cliff. He said that in the end the occupations of the innocent citizens of our country will be lost.

BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi