Health allocation greatly reduced – MCPA


The Medical and Civil Rights Professional Association of Doctors (MCPA) lamented that the union had received information that the allocations for the health service had been greatly reduced in the Interim Budget which is to be debated in the coming week.

MCPA President Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa on Friday (26) said President Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Government have the responsibility of informing the public the road map by which the current economic crisis would be resolved, in order to prevent the public and employees of the health and education sectors from suffering further.

He said, contrary to the pledges made by the President and the Central Bank Governor, that education and health would not suffer as a result of the economic crisis, both sectors were being severely affected as the allocations made by the Finance Ministry have been greatly reduced.

The Health Ministry has requested the Treasury for an allocation of one billion rupees to provide for the foreign training of doctors for the next five months.

He said, however that it was doubtful as to whether the Treasury would be able to provide even Rs 300 to 400 million for specialist training at this juncture owing to the said situation.  It is a time when the director and medical superintendants are in a dilemma as to whether their hospitals could function normally on a daily basis. The health service alone has been affected to the extent that it has raised doubts as to whether it could be sustained within the next five months.

Dr. Sanjeewa said, “Unfortunately the government, political and social organisations think that the economic crisis has only led to the crises in gas, fuel and electricity. But it has also dealt a severe blow to the health services causing shortage pharmaceuticals and reducing allocations given for the foreign training specialist doctors.”

By Dilanthi Jayamanne