Environment Minister vows tough stance against sand mafia


Minister of Environment Naseer Ahamed on Friday (26) said, steps will be taken to provide a satisfactory service to constructors as well as the public by eliminating racketeers and malpractices in the sand trade.

Minister Ahamed also added that this will make the Ministry of Environment more efficient.

Ahamed said, that he met officials at the Ministry with regard to the sand trade in and that measures will be taken to prevent racketeering in the trade as well as prevailing irregularities.

He instructed the Ministry to meet relevant officials and stakeholders to discuss current trends in the sand industry and present a detailed report on the findings.

“Necessary action has been taken to distribute required amount of sand uninterruptedly for construction works,” he said.

The Minister said, he also met top ranking officials of the Ministry to discuss impacts caused to the environment by irregular sand mining and measures to be taken to prevent it.

“The people in the grass-roots level are severely impacted by sand mining. They cannot get sand to build even a small house. As there are middlemen practises in the sand trade, the price of sand has gone up in an improper manner.  Attention will be paid to transport sand in railway carriages in addition to transporting sand in tractors and lorries,” Minister Ahamed added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen