Dr. Sarah celebrates 360 days of success


You may have noticed that, in recent years, cosmetic procedures have become more and more accepted and commonplace among Sri Lankan. It’s no longer a hush-hush topic that draws judgement from society, but a means of self-care that we see increasingly often on both mainstream and social media. When it comes to cosmetic treatments, finding someone reputable is key.

Sri Lanka’s leading Cosmetic and Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Sarah Fazy’s clinic 360 Wellness by Dr. Cherry turned one recently. It is her belief that real beauty comes with balance and that is the epitome of what 360 Wellness is all about – the balance of beauty both within and visible on the outside. Dr. Cherry as she is fondly known combined her passions of becoming a doctor and skincare when she chose to become a Cosmetic Physician.

Dr. Sarah is recognised nationally as an aesthetic expert and is frequently featured in media outlets. She is not only known for her unparalleled medical background, but she also builds a true connection with her patients with her easy-going character and relatability. Dr. Sarah understands the necessity of skincare maintenance and stands by a medical-based approach toward wellness for all of her patients.

She is a star in her field and combines the latest developments in beauty and medical science, taking a holistic approach to aesthetics. Her treatments can include injectables with state-of-the-art devices and specialist dietary advice for an inside approach. Dr. Sarah believes deeply in a patient-centred approach to her treatments, and she is intent on prioritising their interests and expectations. 360 Wellness is a major success, catching the eye of high-profile influencers and celebrities who are now long-term clients thanks to the exclusive standard of service.

 360 Wellness embodies the ideology of well-rounded wellbeing. Founded on the principle that the technology reshaping skincare today must be available to all people aiming to improve and maintain their skin. 360 Wellness offers a range of cosmetic medical treatments consolidated to improve the physical appearance and satisfaction of the client using non-invasive to minimally invasive procedures such as Botulinum Toxin also known as botox for wrinkles, gummy smile correction, excessive sweating of palms, soles and underarms, dermal fillers in the case of non-surgical rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and tear trough filling. In addition, the most desired platelet-rich plasma treatments for stimulating hair growth, improving skin texture, reducing scarring and stimulating collagen formation.

Dr.Sarah is a fashion elite and naturally beautiful. Her Botox skills are to be envied, especially if you prefer a light-handed approach. “We at 360 Wellness have an excellent team of certified medical professionals excited and ready to help our clients achieve their best look with effective skin treatments that we offer at our clinics. We are continuously striving to give you outstanding results you can see and feel. We want you to feel confident that you can face the world even without makeup. After all, confidence really changes everything,” Dr. Sarah explains.

360 Wellness performs detailed and thorough consultations and assessments to create bespoke treatment plans that suit individual skincare needs and preferences. The clinic’s medical aesthetic doctors use state-of-the-art technology that ensures immediate and natural-looking results, enabling clients to enjoy their new look and feel more confident without the long downtime. The clinic ensures that the treatments they provide are effective and safe. The future of 360 Wellness will be focused on offering a unique combination of cosmetic and Ayurvedic treatments, a premier wellness tier of state-of-the-art procedures and also the opportunity for clients to engage in many services under one roof – including a gym, dental services, body and hair treatments, weight loss and more.

There’s a reason 360 Wellness is known as the best in the cosmetics community. For more information on the services offered and future updates, visit https://360wellnessbydrcherry.com or call 94117112264. You can follow them on social media on drcherry_sl and 360wellness.sl

By Shafiya Nawzer