Dear Society,


Hope you are keeping well. Hope you have all the happiness you promised each and every one of us if we diligently followed your guidelines because none of seem to have found that basket of delight.

So, maybe we should part ways and you do you.

Stop encouraging us to believe our worth is in the figures of scale, gym time or limited calories.

Stop telling us we should cover up our flaws when we should own them.

Stop demanding we fit into your boxes of binary biases when there is a world of opportunity for us to tap into.

Stop pushing us beyond our limits for the sake of your idea of perfection.

Instead, encourage us to unsubscribe form the standards you’ve set for us way back when. Allow us to embrace who we are from within – all of it that makes us whole. If not for your idealistic standards of what our lives should be, we would have much less toxic competition and contention in the world.

The world would have been a much more inclusive and sensitive place. We would all be much kinder and united.

People have lost motivation, courage and eventually their lives just trying to please you. And even though we’ve moved leaps and bounds in the right direction, we are still stuck in a rigid frame that disallows and disempowers us from accepting people just the way they are – limiting us all from soaring and reaching our fullest potential. You keep telling us to chase who we should be according to the algorithm you’ve carefully programmed rather than embracing who we are. Your subliminal messaging dictates every part of our life, down to what gender and skin colour should be given more importance.

Your intangible constitution beyond human imagination has infiltrated into so many aspects of our lives that I realise I barely had any control over even what I thought I did.

I’ve met people who’ve suffered in your arms, unable to free themselves from your shackles. I’ve witnessed people turn to violence because that’s how you conditioned them to channel their anger and dissatisfaction. I’ve seen many be denied a place of position only because by your standards they were labelled ‘abnormal’. Some have pushed themselves so hard trying to satisfy you like they were written in your will, in turn losing people who deeply cared for them. Others suffered decades through unsuccessful marriages drowning in the waves of inhumane behaviour because you promised them their children will be glad they didn’t part ways – no paper is long enough to tell you how incredibly disappointed those children are with your advice.

We live in a world where we are taught ‘honesty is the best policy’ but when we do open our mouths to shoot the truth, we get the glares and stares from pairs of eyes we didn’t even know existed. Apparently only ‘polite truths’ make the cut such as; “You have a good hair day”, “The air is so toxic”, “That director should never make movies again” or your favourite, “What happened to you, how did you become so fat/skinny?”

In hindsight, the rules only apply to us and hardly ever to you, I realise. You say and do whatever you want and it gets the ‘I’ve-seen-the-world-more-than-you-so-I-know-what-is-best-for-you’ certification with no questions asked. But god forbid I want to make decisions about my life without you approval – the whispers start making rounds like I’ve buried five people alive and absconded authorities.

Point is, you are like an old computer model that cannot exist in the advancing world. Some only use you because that’s all they’ve ever known but for most of us, we have no interest in you for we recognise your features are not ‘user friendly’, out-dated, and no programme upgrade can fix your bugs. 

Just saying, let us be human.