Private bus operations reduced by 50% from today


Private bus owners have decided to limit their operation by 50 per cent from today (26) as fuel supplied to private buses through the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) depots has now been stopped.

Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) decided to limit the private bus operation due to the lack of adequate fuel for the buses.

Addressing the media, LPBOA President Gemunu Wijeratne said, the fuel provided through SLTB depots was stopped three days ago and it was also on limited volumes and as a result, the association has decided to reduce bus operations by half starting tomorrow.

Meanwhile, All Ceylon Private Bus Owners’ Association General Secretary, Anjana Priyanjith claimed the fuel that they get from the QR code is not adequate at all. He lamented that this issue was developed because the fuel distribution through SLTB depots was stopped.