Get fourth dose without delay – Dr. Ginige


It is recommended for persons above 60 years and those with chronic diseases to get the second Covid booster jab (fourth dose), as these two groups are at high risk of developing complications and passing away if they contract Covid-19, Chief Epidemiologist, Dr. Samitha Ginige said.

Also, those above 20 years can obtain the fourth dose if they are interested, he said. 

Speaking at a media briefing, he urged the public to obtain the Covid booster jab without delay to prevent another Covid-19 wave in the country.

Dr. Ginige said, it is important to get the booster jab, as the current stocks of vaccines are set to expire by 31 October.

Over eight million people above 20 years have obtained the booster dose out of the total population of 14.4 million so far, Dr. Ginige added.

“There are people who have not obtained the booster for several reasons. Even though almost all the eligible persons in the country have obtained the first two doses, it is very important that they get the booster jab as well. Especially, when a new Covid variant is spreading,” he said.