Downtrodden in Colombo given relief


Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake said the CMC is looking into the well-being of people living within the Colombo city limits who have been impacted by the economic crisis.

She said the 225 MPs must extend their cooperation to President Ranil Wickremesinghe, putting personal agendas aside to save the country and bring the lives of those affected by the crisis to normalcy. Senanayake said the CMC has taken steps to provide relief with the support and contribution of leading supermarkets including Sathosa. The CMC has distributed Sathosa cash vouchers worth Rs 3,000 to 3,500 to low-income families within the CMC limits.

She said plans were afoot to launch various welfare programmes within CMC limits in the near future to fulfil the hunger pangs of the poor in Colombo.

“This is not the time for personal or political mileage. If we do so at this critical juncture, we wouldn’t be good politicians. It is also not the time to take revenge from others. Instead, all must work in unison without doing party politics to rebuild the country and to resolve the prevailing economic crisis”, she added.

BY Naalir Jamaldeen