Ship carrying Auto Diesel languishes


In a backdrop of fuel queues forming again near filling stations, Ceylon Today learns that a ship carrying Auto Diesel has been anchored in Sri Lankan waters for over five days, as the Government has failed to make necessary payments.

Fuel dealers claimed that filling stations were out of diesel, putting both the people and the dealers in a quandary.

They said the CPC is now attempting to release Super Diesel to fuel stations and force customers to buy Super Diesel.

“A litre of Super Diesel costs Rs 510, while a litre of Auto Diesel costs Rs 430, which is a difference of Rs 80. We cannot make people buy Super Diesel because Auto Diesel is not available. The CPC’s responsibility is to supply fuel as demand dictates, not to force people to buy alternatives,” they added.

The ship anchored in Sri Lankan waters is reportedly carrying 40,000 MT of Auto Diesel.

Dealers said the benefits of the QR system cannot be availed by customers or dealers when there is no fuel available.

They urged the Government to take appropriate measures to release enough fuel to meet demand, as failure to do so could result in never-ending queues once again.

By Thameenah Razeek