Fund to cater to education needs in K’nochchi – Devananda


Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda said action has been taken to set up a fund to improve education standards in the Kilinochchi District. Devananda said education of children suffering from economic difficulties will be looked into and  shortcomings in schools in the District will be resolved.

Minister Devananda met principals and teachers in the Kilinochchi North and South education zones to discuss shortcomings in the education sector in the district and measures to be taken to resolve them.

Principals had informed him that schools were experiencing a severe shortage of teachers and were functioning with many shortcomings. “At a time when the country was confronting a severe economic crisis  recruiting teachers to these schools was not possible at the moment. I will intervene and take action to resolve the issues which can be solved at provincial level. I will discuss with the relevant central government to resolve problems that could be solved by them”, Devananda said.

A fund will set up with contribution from investors in the District who have invested in  fisheries, philanthropists and with the mediation of the Kilinochchi District Secretary to provide infrastructure facilities to schools in the Kilinochchi District, Devananda added.

BY Naalir Jamaldeen