Demand kerosene subsidy


The All Ceylon Common Fisheries Association has decided to suspend fishing operations until the Government facilitates them to purchase kerosene at the old price, as a subsidy.

Speaking to the media, Prasanga Fernando, a representative for the Association, said the fisheries communities have been staying at home for more than three months owing to the kerosene shortage. 

“We need 50 litres of kerosene daily and lubricants were only Rs 4,800, but now we need Rs 17,000 to buy kerosene. That means we will have to spend Rs 22,000 on kerosene and oil on a daily basis. However, if we do not get a fish harvest on that day, all of these Rs 22, 000 will be wasted,” he lamented.

He said the situation as unbearable because the fishermen did not put the country in this crisis situation.

BY Thameenah Razeek