Goatherd perturbed over death of goats in his care


Santha Kumar attached to the Kegalle Veterinary Division said on 13 August, he had purchased animal feed and vitamins from a boutique in Kegalle and fed it to the goats in his care. He found that two goats had died by the afternoon of 14 August while a further 11 had collapsed and died on 15 August. Kumar has been a goatherd for some time now and was aware of how to feed the animals. In addition, he had fed the vitamins to poultry and found that they too were finding it difficult to walk. He had then immediately brought it to the notice of the boutique keeper.

 He lamented that though the boutique keeper had promised that he would notify the firm that supplied the vitamins, to date he has not got any feedback.

 BY A. Narasinghe – Udugoda