Army Response Centre restores water supply in Nawalapitiya


Many drinking water resources became unusable due to the recent adverse weather conditions that affected the country. Garbage and other debris washed away by floods flowed into these resources rendering them unfit for human consumption and disrupting water supply for daily needs in several areas, particularly in the Central Province.

In this situation, troops from the Sri Lanka Army Centre for Disaster Response Training recently joined forces to clear debris from a water pumping station in Nawalawapitiya.  

Heavy tree trunks, branches and other debris blocked the Hanngran Oya where the Water Board pumps water to the Nawalapitiya town for distribution after purification.

The pumping station was cleared of all debris, the blockage removed and water distribution resumed without interruption.

The cleaning programme was in response to a request made by Water Board officials of Nawalapitiya to the Commandant Sri Lanka Army Centre for Disaster response training. They immediately responded under the Direction of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage and Director Operations of the Army headquarters to assist the authorities to rise to the occasion.

BY Nisal Rukshan