New alliance of independent parties to be formed on 4 Sept


Pivithuru Hela Urumaya (PHU) Leader MP Udaya Gammanpila said the new alliance of the independent political party collective, which will be unveiled on 4 September, will stand on behalf of the people who voted for former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

He claimed that Rajapaksa’s mandate is now rendered ineffective as a result of the events of the last three months.

He said they are forming the new alliance for a number of reasons.

“One is that the opposition is currently criticising the issues and informing the country about the people’s problems. We are aware of the issues we face. The issue for the people is that they do not know how to solve the problem. The Government is also clueless about the answers. People are also unsure of the answer to the question. The opposition presents the issue but does not offer a solution,” he said.

He told the media yesterday (22) that people are tired of hearing about the problems they already have, and that everyone wants to know what the solution is.

He claimed that when the SLFP merged with the UNP to form a government, the people who voted for the former were left in the dark.

“What we have today is a quadrupling of the price of fuel and a rationing system that does not provide the required amount to the people. Also, we need to get the country to a point where we can consistently supply these five things: fuel, electricity, gas, industrial raw materials, and agricultural raw materials. In addition, the country will be unable to open a letter of credit from anyone for two or three months,” he said.

Gammanpila went on to say that they had already decided to form an all-party government to deal with the crisis in the first week of April.

“An all-party Government is not one that divides ministers among parties. An all-party Government is one that implements a programme that benefits everyone. Only then is a strategy developed before implementation. The idea of an all-party government has been around for four months. However, they have yet to present a common programme,” he said.

By Thameenah Razeek