Jaffna grapes flooding Dambulla Centre


The Dambulla Economic Centre Traders Association said prices of vegetables, which had dropped in recent days, had now picked up by 20 August.

The Association also said, while the quantity of vegetables from the Jaffna Peninsula was increasing and that a large quantity of grapes grown in Jaffna was being brought into the Centre.

They said in the last few days, they received grapes from Jaffna priced between Rs 1,300 and 1,350 per kilogramme and that with the increase in quantity, the price of grapes had dropped to Rs 900 per kilogramme. Traders note that because of the low production in other areas there was a high demand for Jaffna grapes.

The Dambulla Economic Centre traders point out that the grape harvest comes in small packages from Jaffna at around 4 a.m., and traders from almost every area in the island come to Dambulla to buy the stock of Jaffna grapes.

They also said as for the prices of other vegetables that are brought to the Centre, prices are determined by supply and the demand for it.

BY K. K. Ariyadasa – Dambulla