GotaGoGama caused Rs 5M in damages to Galle Face Green – UDA


Nearly Rs 5 million in damages had been caused to the Galle Face Green as a result of the GotaGoGama protest site, the Urban Development Authority (UDA) claimed yesterday (22).

In a statement, the UDA said the damages are around Rs 4.9 million they have already taken steps to get an assessment report about the matter.

According to the report, Rs 150,000 will be required to redo the area and other base work while Rs 4.7 million will be required to lay grass once again.

Minister of Urban Development Prasanna Ranatunga recently instructed the UDA to take necessary legal measures to charge compensation from the activists for the damage caused to the area.

The UDA stated that the protesters were illegally occupying the area around the Galle Face Green for about three months, forcing Gotabaya Rajapaksa to resign from the Presidency.

The Galle Face Green is a public property and belongs to the jurisdiction of the Colombo Municipal Council in terms of section 3(1) under the Urban Development Authority Act No. 41 of 1971. Also, the Gazette bearing No. 4/1 dated 30/09/1978 has declared the area as an urban development area, the UDA said.  “Due to the building of many unauthorised structures in the area, the right of the general public to freely use the area was also hindered and all these actions are a violation of the Urban Development Act,” the UDA said.

By Tharaka Samman