FUTA condemns arbitrary detention of protesters


The Federation of University Teachers’ Unions (FUTA) strongly condemned the arbitrary arrest and detention of twenty protesters, mostly student activists on 18 August 2022, claiming that it was a blatant and shocking disregard by the Police of the civil and political rights of the students.

Issuing a press release yesterday (22) the FUTA also stress that these arrests are unethical when the students’ actions were peaceful and no form of provocation by the protestors was apparent.

“According to lawyers appearing on behalf of students, there was no Court order that deemed the march to be unlawful and as such the protest was well within the law. Video images indicate a perplexing preponderance of Police, STF, and the Military armed with tear gas, water cannon, and batons. Students were chased along the streets and arrests were made of even those waiting at bus stands. Multiple accounts suggest arrests were made without reasons being declared, as required by law,” FUTA said.

FUTA emphasised that the Police are violating the Enforced Disappearances Act (2018) and the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (ICPPED).

They called upon all people to recognise and condemn the repression that is being carried out in their name.